Out of the Blue

Man, if it wasn't bad enough receiving all those virus mails that promise 'a very powful tool,' or 'a very humour game,' and of course the inevitable 'I send you this file in order to have your advice,' the inundation from the latest Windows mail worm has gotten equally out of hand. I'm talking of course, about the 'Enjoy this friendship Screen Saver and Check ur friends circle...' dealie that's been making the rounds, apparently the W32.Yaha.E@mm and W32.Yaha.F@mm worms. I guess I'll look at the screensaver later, right now I'm off to catch a 'Spice Girls vocal concert.'

Link of the Day: David Still. Visiting the site will pretty well explain this, though it can't be appreciated until you receive one of the emails.
Story of the Day: The plot's bad, and as for the dialogue... Thanks Brendan Reville.
Story of the Day II: Police fear wurst, halt Wienermobile near Pentagon. Thanks SlayerAODsk.
Follow-up: Living Sweatiest cities. The full list from yesterday's 'Weird Science' link. Thanks Jonathan C. Forster.