Jedi Outcast Demo

As promised, Raven Software has now released the playable demo of Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Oucast, available for download from Gigex. The 66.5 MB demo allows you to try out one new single-player level that isn't available in the retail game, and it includes an intro movie, five different weapons (Bryar Pistol, Stormtrooper Rifle, Flechette, Thermal Detonators and the Seeker), the lightsaber and several Force powers. Users behind a firewall for which the Gigex client doesn't work can use this direct download link, and additional mirrors are online at Shacknews (registration required), Fragland, FilePlanet (registration required), 3D Gamers and CCGR. Update: The demo level is now available as a standalone 6.3 MB download for owners of the full game.