Catch-up Screenshots

  • IGI 2
    Codemasters sent along a batch of new, high-res IGI 2 screenshots, showing off the .50 caliber Sniper Rifle with its Thermo-Chemical imaging scope in Innerloop's upcoming first-person shooter.
  • Soldier of Fortune II
    HomeLan Fed has posted seven new Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix screenshots, showing off the random map generator in Raven's upcoming mercenary shooter.
  • Xenus
    The Deep Shadows website has been updated with three new screenshots of Xenus, their 3D action role-playing game in early development.
  • FireStarter
    Russobit-M has opened a product page for FireStarter, the arcade first-person shooter by GSC Game World, that comes with half a dozen new screenshots.
  • Oblivion Lost
    Similarly, Russobit-M's new product page for Oblivion Lost also comes with six new screenshots of the sci-fi first-person shooter likewise by GSC Game World.
  • Condition Zero
    Half a dozen new Counter-Strike: Condition Zero screenshots are online at Lone Gamers, showing more from the single- and multi-player team-based shooter by Gearbox Software.
  • Impossible Creatures
    Relic Entertainment has appended three new Impossible Creatures screenshots to the gallery for their 3D real-time strategy game in development.
  • MW4 Mech Pak
    The official MechWarrior 4 site sports four new screenshots of the new 'Mechs in the upcoming Inner Sphere add-on to FASA Studio's 3D action game.
  • Renegade on Air
    Both XGR and Gameidge have captured some screenshots from a beta of the upcoming Command & Conquer Renegade patch that will feature flying vehicles.
  • Age of Mythology
    As crazy as this Monday was, at least the weekly screenshot Age of Mythology, Ensemble Studios' 3D RTS, brings some degree of normalization to these parts.
  • HoveRace
    GSC Game World has released four new HoveRace screenshots, while Russobit-M serves up another eight images, and offers 15 new screenshots of this futuristic combat racer.
  • Battlecruiser XP1
    There are 18 new Battlecruiser XP1 screenshots on Gamersclick, showing more galactic scenes in the space sim expansion under construction at 3000AD.
  • Simon 3D
    Confirming an earlier report that Simon the Sorcerer 3D is back in development (story), GameSpyDaily has posted ten new screenshots of this 3D adventure by Headfirst Productions.