Wednesday Screenshots

  • Global Operations
    ToTheGame serves up fifteen new, mostly dark Global Operations screenshots apparently captured from the ongoing beta test of the tactical multiplayer shooter by Barking Dog.
  • WarCraft III
    Another week, another new WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos screenshot at the official site to illustrate the 3D role-playing RTS under construction at Blizzard.
  • Goldenland
    Shacknews has posted a pair of new Goldenland screenshots, showing more from this isometric role-playing game being crafted at Russia-based Burut.
  • Disciples II
    In a further celebration of the game's gold status (story), the official Disciples II: Dark Prophecy site has been updated with a whopping 90 new screenshots of Strategy First's turn-based strategy title.
  • Cultures 2
    There are nearly a dozen new Cultures 2 screenshots (mixed with four familiar ones in the top 15) on BonusWeb, offering more scenes in the upcoming isometric management strategy game by Funatics.
  • Battlecruiser XP
    3000AD has released sets of screenshots of Battlecruiser XP1 and XP2, the upcoming expansions to their recent space simulation game.
  • Tale in the Desert
    Half a dozen new A Tale in the Desert screenshots are online at EuroGamer, showing more from this peaceful MMORPG in the works at eGenesis.
  • Diggles
    XGR has posted four new screenshots of Diggles, the oddball strategy game by German developer Innonics that's already out in their home country under the equally odd title Wiggles.
  • Attack Squadron
    Mad Doc Software sends word of a new batch of Jane's Attack Squadron screenshots for their upcoming flight sim set in World War II.