Out of the Blue

More Security for Punxsutawney Phil is an article relating something I heard on the news this morning, describing how heightened security around the country will even impact Groundhog Day, as Punxsutawney, PA's annual episode of 'the shadow knows' will feature tighter scrutiny of the attendees than ever before. The print article doesn't relate the best part of the story I heard on the radio though, that the security detail will include bomb-sniffing dogs. I know these dogs are exceedingly well trained, but I still find myself considering the prospect that instincts will take over... if they are anything like Hudson the wonder dog (and Airedales are still used for bomb-sniffing) this could turn into quite a circus. Bringing dogs to a groundhog celebration for security... interesting concept.

Story of the Day: Plaque Meant To Honor Actor Insults Instead. The worst typo ever?
Bonus Story:
'Dumb' theft attempt lands man in jail. Thanks Christopher Ashbaugh.
Auction of the Day: Raisin Bran Box. Thanks Todd Davis.