Medal of Honor SP Demo

As you may be aware, the eagerly-anticipated single-player demo of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault surfaced online as a massive 175 MB ZIP download a day or so ago, apparently uploaded from a foreign magazine's cover CD-ROM. While it was originally not intended to be released online so soon, we feel that it has now spread so widely that we can no longer ignore it in the interest of newsworthiness, but keep in mind that publisher Electronic Arts may decide to officially release it as a self-extracting installer as yet, and that you should also be able to obtain it from the February issue of Computer Gaming World shortly if you happen to be bandwidth-impaired. That said, we have a local copy with mirrors of the demo, repackaged to exclude the distribution of DirectX 8 which most gamers will have installed already anyway. The resulting 150.4 MB download allows you to try out the Nebelwerfer Hunt level in 2015's imminent WWII first-person shooter. Update: The demo has been pulled at the request of publisher Electronic Arts. An official demo is expected to be released on January 8. Our apologies for the inconvenience.