More on Quake II Source Code

A post by id Software's John Carmack on Slashdot follows up on last night's release of the Quake II source code (story) with word of a few additional releases that can be expected soon. Here is the scoop:
Thanks for the kind comments, it helps me brace a bit for some of the really vile hate mail that is already starting to come in from the people worried about cheating.

Bill Heineman is preparing the mac source code for Q2 for a release.

We will see about getting the 3.21 changes we missed into an updated release.

I am also happy to say that another old game's code will be released under the GPL soon. We can always hope that it becomes a trend...

John Carmack
Update: In related news, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan with a bit of information on the fees for private Quake II engine licensing, if a project based on the now public source code is not interested in releasing its own source code, as is required under the terms of the GNU GPL.