Out of the Blue

Okay, moving day is upon us. The latest understanding of the schedule is that we will be offline as of about 5:30 PM EST today, and will suffer with what's expected to be about "24 hours or less" of downtime. Of course, as Frans points out, these types of things tend to take longer than planned, so we should probably just hope the downtime will be close to what they are anticipating. As I mentioned yesterday, the mail server is being moved along with the whole shebang (apparently there are regulations against moving half a shebang, which is why you never hear about that happening), so mail sent here will probably make like a bad check and bounce, so feel free to send hate mail and other complaints during the downtime.

Link of the Day: Laid-Off: A No Nothing Production. Flash required. Contains adult language. Thanks Brann Mitchell.
Story of the Day: Pope to give Net his blessing. Thanks EvilToast.
Bonus Story: Man Eats His 18,000th Big Mac. Over 30 years he's consumed the equivalent of 14 beef cattle, 560 pounds of cheese and 100 gallons of Special Sauce, but does not suffer from high cholesterol. Thanks Chris Robbers.
Bonus Story II: Ronald McDonald statue recovered. Thanks Farch. Hopefully he didn't try to hang himself just because the guy in the previous story has actually missed eight Big Macs over the years.
Weird Science: Honda Unibox. Thanks .f00Dave and the ShanMonster.
Wild Science: Largest fossil cockroach found. Thanks Chris Thomas.