Xbox Euro Price and Date Confirmed in Cannes on Computer and Video Games has word that the "European price for the machine has been set at £299 (479 euros). Launch date has been nailed at March 14, 2002." MGS2 Ship Date Finalized on ie Magazine has news that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, will ship to stores in the US on November 13, and "The game should be available in some locations that day, and in all stores at least one to two days following the ship date." The game's Japanese launch date is slated to be November 29, and it will ship to the rest of the world sometime in 2002. Sierra and Argonaut Games Announce SWAT Global Strike Team is the announcement of an upcoming SWAT game for the Xbox. GameSpot UK Grand Theft Auto III Preview is online, with 13 new screenshots.