Out of the Blue

When posting something like the Cthulhu plush doll yesterday, I often find myself thinking that it's actually unique. How naive of me! I guess it's a sign of how bizarre the world is becoming that I end up getting as many notifications as I did that this was not the original, but that this Plush Cthulhu (thanks Nick Kartsioukas, the first to send this in) was actually first. Actually more bizarre were probably all the accompanying comments about how much cooler this one is... the only thing that scares me more than people buying these for themselves is the idea they are buying them for infants... eek!

Play Time: Ninja Dispatch. Christopher R. Wain.
Link of the Day: Gary Condit Novelty Masks. Happy Halloween. Thanks David Livingston.
Bonus Link: Alkulukuja Paskova Karhu. Home of the Prime Number Pooping Bear. Contains adult language and Real math. Thanks Blackforge. Is 569 a prime number? Does a bear crap in the woods?
Story of the Day: Men file suit against Osama bin Laden. Thanks Travis McPherson. If they had his email, they could've just dispatched a ninja!
Weird Science: Robo-cat is out of the bag. Thanks Chris Jones. Different, if not fewer capabilities as an Aibo at double the price. Interesting copycat.