Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer

Better red than dead? on Codemasters asks the press release announcing Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer, an expansion pack to the tactical action game by Bohemia Interactive that sees you trading places and join the Soviet forces, your enemy in the original game. The pack is scheduled for a December release, and here is an excerpt on what you can expect:
Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer delivers a completely new campaign with 20 new missions, a new lead character, new Russian-accent voices and fresh cut scenes that unravel the single-player narrative.

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer sees the player back on the islands, only this time as Dimitri Lukin of the Soviet force. Dimitri is a tough Soviet career soldier - a highly trained professional killer but one who has suffered demotion in recent times. More ruthless and menacing than the raw American recruits, who populated the original game, Dimitri starts as a grunt as the invasion of Everon Island begins.