Halo Site, Movie, and... Xbox Only?

A new Microsoft Games Halo website is online, dedicated to the upcoming science fiction-themed shooter in the works at Bungie. The site includes a nifty Flash component, along with a new gameplay movie that can be found by visiting the "Cortana Transmission" section of the site. In what may be a cause for concern for PC owners looking forward to the game (and what may inspire an "I told you so" from others), however, the site lists the Xbox as Halo's system requirement, and Halo is not listed among the upcoming PC games on the site. In fact, the game's description on the site concludes by saying: "Coming soon, only on the Xbox video game system." Update: The site has been pulled, and now reverts back to the general Halo product page, as Microsoft has decided to launch it at a later date due to this week's events.