More on the Wolfenstein Test

Here is a press release from Activision with some details on tomorrow's planned release of the Wolfenstein demo. Rest assured we are already on track to be one of those faceless "multiple mirror sites across the country." Here's the release:

Compatibility Test Gives Gamers Opportunity to Provide Feedback on Hotly-Anticipated Action Title

MESQUITE, Texas - September 14, 2001 - Get ready to start those downloads. The Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer compatibility test will be available starting Saturday, Sept. 15, from id SoftwareTM and Activision, Inc. (NASADQ: ATVI). The test, which will be available via download at,, and on multiple mirror sites across the country, gives gamers a chance to compete in a special multiplayer map from id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Players are encouraged to provide feedback to the team on gameplay and compatibility via email at The multiplayer test is not the official demo for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and does not contain the single player portion of the game.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer pits players in a team-based Axis versus Allies contest for front-line domination, where multiple player classes must mobilize and work together to accomplish mission objectives. The multiplayer element of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is currently in development by Nerve Software with assistance from id Software and Gray Matter Interactive.

Slated for release later this year, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a supernatural World War II-themed action title for the PC, where players assume the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, a U.S. super-soldier charged with single-handedly stopping the darkest plans of the Third Reich. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is being developed by Gray Matter Interactive with assistance from id Software.