Out of the Blue

I could have stood a little less advance hype about that Band of Brothers dealie on HBO last night, but that was pretty impressive stuff. For the most part this easily matched the scope of a major motion picture, and considering it's an ongoing mini-series, I imagine the whole thing must have cost at least a gazillion dollars. I think I'm most impressed with its willingness to deal with the aspects of war that are impossible to paint in a heroic light, so that it's not just the "good guys versus the bad guys." As someone who once questioned why HBO was so determined to create original programming, I have to say, they have gotten to the point where almost everything they air is significantly better than almost everything on traditional network television.

Link of the Day: TheShakespeareProgrammingLanguage. Thanks FondueBitch.
Weird Science: Can the candirĂº fish swim upstream into your urethra (revisited)? (The Straight Dope). Thanks kpl. "And here you thought the worst thing you could do was pee on the third rail."
Media of the Day: This Reuters Photo of genetically modified glow in the dark Medaka fish. Thanks [MP] Wolverine [MP].