Oblivion Lost Revealed

Swiss site Gameplex has posted the first details and screenshots of Oblivion Lost, the working title of a new game by Ukraine-based developers GSC Game World (creators of Codename: Outbreak and Cossacks). The report has the first details on the game as well as an overview of its features, which are listed in German so stick that Babel Fish in your ear, and they also have over three dozen screenshots online to show what it looks like. Gameplex conveniently included this excerpt from the English press release in their mail that describes the game's premise in more detail:
GSC Game World announces its new development – a team 3D action, based on X-Ray engine. The events of the game bring player into future, the time of galactic empires, with thousands of populated worlds and sapient races, powerful corporations and unbelievable technologies. The plot of the game opens out at the moment when inter-planet traveling by transporting through special portals – gateways was discovered. The new technology reveals immense possibilities, but at the same time conceals mortal danger for pioneers. A player with his squad is a part of advance guard playing the role of pathfinders to discover planets, be the first to encounter new, unknown worlds and find the second part of the gateway. Entering a gateway each time, players find themselves in a new unknown world, which not infrequently bears mortal danger inside.