Out of the Blue

Still letting the dust settle after yesterday's announcement. In a related development, we see a little advertising progress here, as I placed one of those nifty skyscraper ads (as if you hadn't noticed), it seems to fit the page format well enough, and I trust you will enjoy all the life-changing products it will offer over the time. In a further related note, there is a continued cry to create some function to allow concerned parties to make donations to the site, and while I have mixed feelings about such a measure (to say the least), it is starting to get hard to ignore those that are starting to get downright irate that we aren't doing this, so this is at least getting some serious consideration.

Play Time: 3D first-person Pong on LiquidMedia (Shockwave required). Thanks Jamie Wood. This is completely awesome.
Link of the Day: Makegames.com Royalty Calculator. Thanks Frostnick. Want to make a game? Want to make money? Apparently the two don't always go together.
Bonus Link: Monkeyphonecall.com. Thanks Noah. This is the type of thing that could spur another Internet boom.
Weird Science: US firm offers stars DNA copyright (BBC). Thanks Chris.
Wild Science: More Moons Around Earth? (Space.Com). Thanks zombie69.
Media of the Day: On a note related to the above, SwRI, UCSC researchers identify the Moon-forming impact. Thanks EvilToast and [MP] Wolverine [MP]. Demonstrates how the moon was formed with an animation, in case you were curious, or were planning on making your own moon someday.