Once Human Launched

Once Human is now free-to-play on Steam, challenging players to survive the post-apocalyptic future its open-world depicts. There's a lot to know about this, so the lengthy Official Release FAQ is here to answer your burning questions. As NetEase previously announced, the Once Human demo was the most-played at last month's Steam Next Fest. A new Careless Paradise Trailer is here to celebrate the ensuing carnage. Here's a description:
The apocalypse changed everything. Human, animal, plant… all are infested by an alien creature – Stardust. As a Meta-Human, you can survive the contamination and use the power of Stardust. Play alone or join others to fight, build and explore. When the world is in chaos, you are our last hope.

You wake up in the middle of nowhere. You'll have to brace yourself for the cruelty of nature (from monsters to lack of food); however, Stardust's influence does not restrict to living things, it also affects the soil and water. Eating polluted food and drinking dirty water will reduce your Sanity. When your Sanity drops, your max HP would drop accordingly. To eat or not to eat, it's a question.