Overwatch 2 TRANSFORMERS Update

Sun's out, guns out! A new summer update is live in Overwatch 2, and this update from Blizzard discusses what it brings to the free-to-play first-person shooter. This includes the chance to play as AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS with new promised TRANSFORMERS content. Bastion remains the only actual transforming robot in the game, but other characters get themed skins, though sadly there's no Megan Fox skin for Mercy. Here's an overview of what this brings to the beach party:
An exciting update for Overwatch 2 has arrived and with it brings new skins, new rewards, and fan-favorite ways to play. Roll out with unique cosmetics in a heroic collaboration with the TRANSFORMERS and forge your legend with the inaugural Mythic Weapon skin added to the Mythic Shop. Then break out the sunscreen as you hit the beach with the 2024 Summer Games event and all new Lifeguard themed skins to collect. Finally, get ready to choose new passives to power-up in a Quick Play Hacked event.