Total War: PHARAOH Content This Month

Creative Assembly reveals a July 25th release date for the free content update for Total War: PHARAOH, the Egyptian installment in the strategy series. As was announced last year, this was planned as a paid DLC, but will be released for free as compensation for the game's disappointing launch. What's described as an "expansion-sized addition" promises new map regions, cultures, units, gameplay mechanics, and "sweeping quality of life improvements." A new Dynasties Overview Trailer illustrates the news and it comes with a new message from the developers:
“From the outset of our design journey on Total War: PHARAOH, our vision has always been to deliver a grand-scale recreation of the turbulent Bronze Age Collapse; one brimming with historical intrigue, authentic representations of iconic civilisation, and a sandbox theatre that allows you to rewrite the course of human history,” said Game Director, Todor Nikolov. “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and whilst this will be our final content addition, we hope it serves as a love letter that encapsulates our continued passion for this wonderful age. Thanks for your support.”