Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers Next Month

Yogscast Games and Purple Moss Collectors announce August 8th is the release date for Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers, a roguelike deckbuilder based on the life-ruining affliction of compulsive gambling. This is coming to Windows, macOS, and Linux on Steam, where the recently launched demo is still available. A Date Announce Trailer shows how to win at Blackjack with a 21 and a zero and other innovative variations. Here's word on the game and the demo:
The blackjack-themed roguelike landed a winning hand at Steam Next Fest in June, featuring as one of the festival’s top 25 most played demos - now boasting over 120K wishlists and counting on Steam ahead of the innovative deckbuilder’s official release.

What’s more, the team is delighted to share an all-new teaser trailer where players can watch as the stakes get raised in this gritty adventure, and every hand could be their last.