Drop Duchy Announced

Sleepy Mill Studio and The Arcade Crew announce Drop Duchy, a roguelite strategy game that will drop later this year. It will arrive on Steam, where this post says to expect a playable demo this summer. It also features a Reveal Trailer with a first look. Feel free to pass the dutchie on the left-hand side, but despite the title, this is apparently not about drug smuggling:
Drop Duchy takes on the iconic geometric puzzle gameplay we all know and love with a fresh perspective: instead of simply clearing lines, you'll be thoughtfully building a realm using pieces of various shapes and types to overcome enemy challenges.

A mix of deckbuilding, puzzle and rogue-lite, the game offers a new gameplay designed to hone your appetite as a block-stacking tactician. Optimization is key to collecting precious resources, protecting your castle, and building your army.

Defeat is not the end, though: use the experience gained in previous runs to unlock even more content!