Piranha Bytes Reportedly Closed

An article on CD-Action has an unconfirmed report (in Polish) that developer Piranha Bytes shut down at the end of June (thanks NeoGAF via Jim). This appears to be based on a paywalled GameStar article from last week (in German). The rumor is attributed to an employee of the company, and a machine translation of the post suggests this will not be officially announced: "The current CEO of Piranha Bytes, Michael Rueve, has not yet commented on the fate of the company, but according to our information, the studio will most likely not release any official statements, allowing itself to depart peacefully and quietly." A separate post (also in Polish) points to a post on GameStar (also paywalled, also German) announcing Björn Pankratz and Jenny Pankratz are no longer part of Piranha Bytes, where they worked on the Gothic, Risen, and Elex series. It says the couple has formed a new developer called Pithead Studio:
The Gothic chapter is over, there will be no Elex 3 with them: Björn Pankratz and Jennifer Pankratz have started their own business after leaving the apparently closed role-playing game developer Piranha Bytes.

Their new company is called Pithead Studio and there are already initial plans for future games. Important for fans of Elex, Risen and Gothic, in which the two played a leading role as game designers and story writers: The new projects will also contain role-playing elements.