Saborus Demo

A new Official Gameplay Trailer has a creepy look at Saborus, an upcoming survival horror game where you play as a chicken attempting to chicken out and escape a horrible plucking fate at the slaughterhouse. This is coming "soon" to Windows and consoles, and there's a playable demo on Steam to allow you to go all Mike Tyson on Tyson Foods. Like the prior Announcement Trailer, the new clip features gameplay, and it also delivers a promotional video explaining how the not-at-all evil Saborus corp. makes everyone's life better. Unless, of course, if you are a chicken, which brings us back to the existential crisis at the game's core. Here's word:
Saborus is a thrilling horror adventure in which you guide a brave chicken through a deadly slaughterhouse where everything wants to kill you! You, as the chicken, will solve puzzles and face the relentless pursuit of the Saborus slaughterhouse workers.

Make your way through the sinister surroundings of a creepy slaughterhouse, full of suspense and surprises! Can you survive?