Farming Simulator 25 Announced

GIANTS Software announces Farming Simulator 25, saying the next installment in this agriculture series will sprout on PC, macOS, and consoles on November 12th, promising gameplay and technology upgrades. A Cinematic Trailer is here to plant the seeds for this. This promises additional variety, including the chance to operate your own rice paddy:
Virtual farmers manage their agricultural empires in a new, lush East Asian landscape filled with rice paddies, a North American environment with plenty of open space, or a Central European location with green fields between ponds and rivers.

Building their legacy single-handedly or cooperatively in multiplayer, they can now grow two types of rice, spinach, and other new crops – choosing from well over 20 overall. Buffalos and other animals join the livestock pens, while new production chains and constructions extend business opportunities. More features and details will be revealed soon.