Fruit of the loon

So two weeks ago I made the glorious switch to Time Warner's Digital Cable and Road Runner ISP. DTV rules. I've got more movie channels than I know what to do with (thank god for TiVo) and the picture's never looked better. I haven't had quite the same experience with Road Runner, however. Obviously it's fast - it has the same upload rate as my sDSL line did, but a much larger download rate. I'm disturbed by one small thing, however...I have yet to successfully play any multiplayer game. I have a reasonably complicated network set up, with a PC acting as a proxy server, but theoretically that shouldn't be a problem. I haven't managed to actually connect to a game, since no server browser I've tried yet has been able to refresh a list of servers (which is odd, since I can ping servers manually just fine). I'm going to play around with my network this weekend, and hopefully I'll find a solution on my end, since any ISP that prevents me from multiplayer gaming is not one I'd like to stay with for too long.

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