Shroom Siege Announced

Developer Upside Down Bird announces Shroom Siege, a team-based action/platformer that will bring a fungus among us next year when it arrives for PC and consoles. For a mushroom party before then a playable multiplayer demo is expected on Steam on August 6th. Here's an Official Demo Trailer, and yeah, it's pretty trippy. Read on for more:
The fungus kingdom spreads its tendrils and controls surrounding insectoids to claim dominance. Start as a mini mushroom with the power to infect and sway the minds of mightier life forms. Show off superior shroom strategy in 4v4 multiplayer madness.

Strive for victory in three ways: Shrine, Shogun, and…Poop?! Master multiple mounts to outwit opposing fungi, such as the merciless Mantis, equipped with razor-sharp claws to cut down the competition. Win three of the following Victories to emerge triumphant: