Demos & Freebies

  • Alpha and Iota on Steam (Windows). "Alpha and Iota is a puzzle platformer about repairing a computer system inhabited by sentient agents. You operate a repair core, which can navigate the system by ejecting between a variety of different host types. Some hosts are fixed in place, while others jump, slide, climb walls, or follow rails."
  • BloodLight on Steam (Windows). "BloodLight is a cooperative first-person horror game for up to 3 players. While working as a night watchman, you will face a demon that constantly changes form. Set out in a team or alone through the chilling environment to complete all the tasks."
  • Nimoyd - Survival Sandbox on Steam (Windows). "You’ve crash-landed on Earth in 2702. Craft, dig, fight through a vast and colorful post-apocalyptic open world full of wonder, generated cities, dungeons, aliens, mechs, and an underworld. Find love. Or beat the ultimate Underlord!"
  • Speed Run on Steam (Windows). "Speed Run is a first person platform video game, each level is full of traps, obstacles and fatal falls that you must avoid at all costs. Each level has its unique theme with different music and environments. The objective of the game is that you can complete the levels as quickly as possible!"