Champion Shift Released

Champion Shift is out of Early Access on Steam, offering Windows gamers a co-op roguelike that augments your combat skills with the ability to transform into a car armed with its own weaponry and the chance to simply run over foes. This post has the version 1.0 patch notes, and there are announcements of a couple of hotfixes that followed. Here's the Official 1.0 Release Trailer and more:
Fight. Shift. Survive. Champion Shift is a unique action roguelike where our Champions fight endless hordes of enemies and traverse branching stages with the ultimate goal of defeating the Dominion and those who control it. In every run you will uncover endless combinations of abilities and skills, recapturing your mythical powers and earning your status as Champion.

Challenge yourself to a solo run, or join your friends in online co-op play! Up to 4 players can band together, leveraging each other’s strength and powers to go on a massively powered run.