Neural Shock and Demo Released

Neural Shock is out on Steam, providing Windows gamers with a game that combines tower defense elements with action/RPG gameplay to test your strategy and your reflexes. This uses a top-down perspective and pixel-art graphics for a retro experience shown off in the Official Trailer. There's also a playable demo, so you check out the game's sci-fi world for yourself. Here's the pitch:
Build, Fight, Improve, Obliterate. Create bloody mayhem in this ARPG / Tower Defense hybrid by building turrets and traps in strategic positions and fighting waves after waves of ferocious clones and creations of immoral research. As you gain experience in the battlefield, improve and develop your characters and weapons to get more and more powerful and decimate your enemies.

Combining the classic Tower Defense gameplay, graphic pixel-art violence and elements of character and team building action RPGs set within a dark, futuristic sci-fi world, Neural Shock brings an engaging experience which caters both to short and long play sessions to experience at your own pace. In Neural Shock, you have a controllable main character to aid your turrets in battle.