Hearthstone: Perils in Paradise Announced

Blizzard announces details on Perils in Paradise, the next expansion for Hearthstone, the Warcraft-themed deckbuilding game. Prepare your tropical shirts and boat drinks, because this will arrive for PC and mobile on July 23rd, adding 145 new cards and more. The Announce Video busts out all the props and costumes for maximum effect. As Pulp taught us, everybody hates a tourist, so try and ignore that while you pack for this vacation:
The Marin is Azeroth’s hottest new Tourist attraction! Each class gets one Legendary Tourist card that lets them vacation to another class during deckbuilding. Put your Tourist into your deck and their destination class’s Perils in Paradise cards get instantly added to the deckbuilding interface, letting you put them into your deck like your main class cards—except for the destination class’s Tourist card; just one vacation at a time.