Gimmick! 2 Announced

Clear River Games announces action/platformer Gimmick! 2 is coming to PC and consoles later this year. This is a full sequel to last year's Gimmick! Special Edition, which is a remake of a Japanese and Scandinavian NES game from back in the day. Now that the dust has settled from the return of Yokai Yumetaro, a full sequel is on the way with an all-new adventure. Here's a Reveal Trailer with a first look and here are some details:
Bouncing into life on the LRG3 (Limited Run Games) 2024 presentation, Gimmick! 2 hails from developer Bitwave Games and is a follow-up to the beloved NES™ platformer which remains a firm fan-favourite thanks to its tight platforming mechanics, loveable collection of characters and its ability to push the NES to its technical limits.

Now, decades later, our hero of the hour Yokai Yumetaro leaps back into the spotlight, retaining the candy-coloured presentation of the original game with a whole new graphical flourish that fans are certain to adore. A fresh platforming adventure filled with surprises puzzles, and treasures, Gimmick! 2 retains the challenging gameplay of the original game, but also offers an easier mode as an alternative for modern gamers wishing to enjoy the experience at a more forgiving pace.

Filled with a world of weirdly wonderful, adorable characters who tell their stories via silky slick animation, Gimmick! 2 will be a sequel well worth waiting for when it’s released digitally later in 2024 on Nintendo® Switch™, Steam, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X, as well as physically on PS5™ and Nintendo Switch.