Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Leaves Early Access

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is now officially available on* and Steam following an Early Access run for this Cold War era city builder that challenges you to craft a spectacular socialist society, presumably through a five-year plan or two. Alongside the release of version 1.0 is the debut of new Biomes DLC on* and Steam adding desert, tundra, and tropical biomes for additional challenges. The game carries a 35% launch discount while the DLC is 10% off for the next week. The Launch Trailer is here to delight both the proletariat and bourgeoisie alike and this post discusses version 1.0. Here's part of the official description:
Manage all aspects of your republic in this soviet-themed city builder game. A planned economy puts you in control of everything from mining resources to manufacturing goods and providing services – use this power to make decisions that impact your citizens’ day-to-day lives and their ultimate loyalty to the nation. Whether it’s construction, transportation, trade, healthcare, education, entertainment, tourism, or any of the countless other facets of a full-fledged city, it’s up to you to determine availability, accessibility, and quality. Contend with a deep simulation of global supply chains as you seek fertile soils, ore veins, and viable lands upon which to build your nation – let the radio stations sing your praises and the citizens rejoice in their glorious soviet republic.
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