Fae Farm: Skies of Azoria Released

New Skies of Azoria DLC is now available on the Epic Games Store and Steam for Fae Farm, the serene co-op farming sim from Phoenix Labs. Switch players are getting this as a free update, and this is automatically included for owners of the Deluxe Edition on PC. Here's an uplifting Launch Trailer, and here's more on the add-on and how it integrates with the main story:
Skyvale, the setting for Skies of Azoria, is a mysterious celestial realm situated over the lands previously discovered in Fae Farm. The winged denizens invites players to visit them as the patron Sprite, Gusto, has turned unusually moody, and new dungeons with puzzles to solve with rewards to collect are part of the solution. Players can meet a host of new characters and build relationships with them, platonically or romantically, as well as master new skills, recipes and potions. Take home exciting new crops and resources as well as new cosmetics and decorations.

Fae Farm: Skies of Azoria is neatly intertwined with the main storyline, so players can start a new adventure and discover how this content and its new gameplay features weave into the main narrative. Alternatively, players who have completed the main story can easily jump right into the Skies of Azoria content update and experience it as a standalone adventure.

Fae Farm can be enjoyed solo, or with up to four players in online multiplayer. The game features full cross-play functionality, enabling players to share their adventures with others regardless of their preferred platform. Players on Nintendo Switch can also play locally via the ad-hoc wireless feature.