Exiler Playtest

Alawar and lonch.me invite everyone to playtest Exiler, their upcoming horror adventure. This features hand-drawn art for a comic book style that's shown off in the Teaser Trailer. If that catches your eye you can sign up on Steam. Here's word:
Step into the eerie world of Exiler, an atmospheric horror quest with interactive comic elements. As Adam Wayne, an exorcist and private detective, you’re entrusted with the daunting task of performing occult rituals and casting demons out of possessed people. You are the Exiler.

You serve God, and your job is to cast demons out of possessed people. Set traps, use the wide array of exorcist tools, combine them, and create unique cleansing rites for different types of evil spirits. Complete as many rituals as possible to increase the chances of salvation. Each of them is crucial as you strive to save not only souls but also lives.