Crab God and Demo Released

Chaos Theory Games and Firesquid announce that Crab God has scuttled out, and this divine crustacean strategy game is available for Windows on Steam with a 10% launch discount. A playable demo accompanies the launch so you can get a sample before sinking your claws into this one. Here's the release trailer and more on this chance to rule your undersea followers:
Inspired by the Kingdom series, Crab God puts you in charge of cute Crablings who look to you as their new God. Can you successfully nurture them into the next generation of capable ocean caretakers? This tactical-yet-wholesome indie strategy game will task you with growing your colony and safely guiding them across the dangerous depths of the ocean. You’ll reintroduce a healthy and vibrant diversity to the ocean by assigning your Crablings to tasks such as foraging, farming, and of course, worshiping. Life for Crablings isn’t always this simple - with other sea life attacking and dangers preventing your progress, you’ll have to defend the egg of your successor to ensure the colony lives on.

Players won’t just be safeguarding their virtual crab-itat. Thanks to an integration with, players’ in-game antics will directly aid in cleaning our oceans and protecting aquatic life. You’ll be making a splash for sustainability and safeguarding the sanctity of our seas.