Histera Early Access

Histera is now free-to-play for Windows on Steam, offering a multiplayer first-person shooter from StickyLock Games. This is the Early Access launch, promising players the chance to influence the development process. The Early Access Launch Trailer hopes to raise some hysteria for the plan, and the announcement shares details on the game's time-glitch mechanic:
In Histera, squad up and face off in two distinct deathmatch and territory control modes to score points or kills with an arsenal of unique weapons – including prehistoric spears, WII-era anti-tank sniper rifles and futuristic assault weapons. But watch out for the Glitch, a game-changing event that can significantly re-shape the battlefield as each match progresses.

To emerge victorious, Histera combatants will need to utilize every element at their disposal in the arena including collecting items to replenish their health, armor and ammunition, and discovering special ‘Glitch Pickups’ that can offer unique abilities such as increased movement speed or unlimited ammunition.

At Early Access launch, Histera players can do battle in arenas augmented with features from three distinct Eras and StickyLock has also revealed that two new Eras, ‘Peak of the Five Winds’ and ‘Port Libertad’, will be added to the game later in the year, as well as additional characters and weapons.