Deck of Souls Early Access

Early Access to Deck of Souls is now underway for Windows and Linux on* and for Windows Steam, offering a souls-like with deck-building mechanics, in case that wasn't apparent from the title. This is also a roguelite, since you can't have too many buzzwords, and the Early Access Release Trailer takes a look at how all this comes together. Details on the launch and an Early Access roadmap are in this post. Here's more:
Create your own hero, extract souls of your enemies and make cards out of them, break through tough battles, die, and go all over again...

In Deck of Souls, you will:

  • Turn your enemies' souls into your cards and mix different classes’ abilities to uncover your true power.
  • Choose your hero’s capabilities and appearance, pick between several distinct classes, use the RPG elements and inventory system to your advantage, and take the proper outfit.
  • Make choices and decide the bosses’ fate. Execute them for their sins or spare them, so that they will come to help.

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