Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Released

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is out on Steam for Windows, giving a chance to return to a life of crime selling illicit drugs. This sequel from Movie Games and Byterunners comes with a 10% launch discount, and it promises enhancements like an open-world environment, three-player co-op, new management options, prison time, pets, and more. Here's the Release Trailer with a description that seems to be on dr*gs, and here's more:
Welcome to the early 2000s! You are Eddie, and a lifestyle of bad choices made you an outlaw seeking refuge. Don't worry tho, Isla Sombra is the perfect place for fugitives like you!

You're not planning to just surrender and stay there forever though. Prove your worth, use your talents and get your life back! Making a fortune along the way won't hurt either...