GOG.com and Luna Crossover Begins

Along with the commencement of its Summer Sale* today, GOG.com also announces the launch of its collaboration with Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service. Announced in March, this allows players to play games from their GOG.com libraries through Luna and vice versa. Word is: "Devices that you already own (PCs, smartphones, tablets, Fire TV devices, and smart TVs) can become your gaming devices, and Luna also supports peripherals that you already own, such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, and mouse + keyboard." Your GOG.com library will continue to be DRM-free, and Luna players will be able to play supported games on GOG.com:
Yes, your DRM-free games, the ones that you’ve already paid for and that will remain yours forever. We know how much you value ownership and all the aspects of DRM-free gaming that we offer – that’s because we feel the same.

And our collaboration with Luna completely respects that. On Luna, you can play every game that you already own on GOG and that is also available on Luna. There’s absolutely no requirement to purchase games twice – you bought them once on our platform so they’re forever yours, as always.

Moreover, it works both ways. You’ll be able to buy select games that are available on GOG via Luna’s client, which will go straight into your GOG library.

That means buying games on GOG (directly on our platform or via Luna) will give you the best of both worlds – enjoying them on Luna’s cloud gaming service, as well as via Offline Installers or GOG GALAXY. All your DRM-free benefits of owning games on GOG will still be there, you’ll just have more ways to play your favorite titles.

And of course features of GOG GALAXY such as cloud saves and achievements will still work when playing on Luna – don’t worry about splitting your progress.
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