Murky Divers Early Access

Murky Divers has entered Early Access on Steam, offering the chance to dive in and explore this Windows co-op comedy/horror experience. The Official Release Trailer is here to show off chaotic gameplay. So gather your team, enter an experimental submersible, and explore sunken wrecks. What could go wrong? Here's more:
In Murky Divers, you and your team work together to explore dangerous abandoned wrecks and destroy evidence of the shady experiments your lab has been undertaking. Your team must coordinate and pilot a “blind” sub to reach a new wreck, relying on sonar to navigate. From legal dangers like the police, to existential ones like krakens, there are plenty of hazards for you to watch out for and avoid. On the sub, you can spend credits earned on previous wrecks to buy items and modules that give you a better chance of success on your next expedition.