Coreborn Leaves Early Access

Blankhans announces the conclusion of Early Access for Coreborn, and the open-world survival game is now officially available for Windows on Steam. The full launch is also coming to the Epic Games Store, but has not gone live there at this time. Here's the Full Release Trailer along with more:
Embark on a fun Survival Adventure: Step into the expansive world of Tormentosia, where long-standing tensions between various races have led to unending conflict. The situation reached a fever pitch when Sorgoth the Devourer invaded, causing near-total destruction. In a last-ditch effort to save what remains, the six remaining kingdoms united their power and resources to create groundbreaking new technology - the Ultracore.

But don't be deceived, as darkness seeps into the edges of the seemingly safe lands. Your generation inherited this world. You're all Coreborn. Your goal? Reclaim. Rebuild. Restore.