American Truck Simulator Iowa Announced

Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa. And SCS Software's blog announces Iowa is the next destination for American Truck Simulator in new DLC that will add the Hawkeye state to the transportation simulator. The post includes a few screenshots, and a Steam Listing is live, showing a "to be announced" release date. Here's a bit on what there is to see and do in Iowa:
Des Moines, the state capital, is a vibrant city that you won't want to miss! As the largest city in Iowa, it is a hub of cultural and economic activity. Its skyline features the impressive Iowa State Capitol building, a must-see landmark featuring 5 domes, with the most prominent being covered with 23-karat gold!

However the Capitol building isn't the only thing that shines in Iowa. Drivers can find scenic views abound, especially when exploring small towns and cities along the famous Mississippi River. As the second-longest river in the United States spanning over 2,000 miles, this impressive waterway flows through 10 different States.