Tropico 6: Tropican Shores Released

Kalypso Media invites all Tropico 6 players to vacation on Tropican Shores with the launch of this new expansion for the island dictator simulation. This extends your dictatorship democracy to the sea, despite it being an island to start with. This is not so much about transportation as opulent beach life, as the conspicuous consumption in the Release Trailer shows. This requires the base game, and the Windows, macOS, and Linux edition is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. Here's the travel brochure:
Make a splash on the sun-kissed Tropican Shores with a full slate of new and exciting features including 15 new buildings primed for construction that offer new opportunities for infrastructure, public services, entertainment, relaxation, and, of course, the very best ocean views. The brand-new resource Pearls, and three new edicts will help facilitate enterprising growth by reducing construction costs, taxing the population, and increasing the efficiency of offshore buildings.

Ocean-bound entrepreneurs will delight in the addition of four new sandbox maps, ‘Pequeño Pero Mucho’, ‘Hipocampo’, ‘Las Manchas y Los Puntos’ and ‘Yachts for El Presidente’. Dazzle fellow Tropicans with the latest beachside style in the Scuba Outfit and Shiny Deco Yacht for your Palace Garden, then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor in one of many fun activities including Dolphin Therapy or Submarine Tour.