Police Simulator: Patrol Officers: Highway Patrol Expansion Released

The Highway Patrol Expansion is now available on Steam, adding new content to Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, the Windows police procedural game. The expansion, also available on consoles, requires the base game, and comes with a 10% launch discount. The Launch Trailer is here with news that the mayor has reopened the beaches at Amity Brighton City highway after recent ugliness, requiring an increased police presence. Here's more on our chance to let the CHiPs fall where they may and become John, since none of us is actually cool enough to be Ponch:
Many new areas of responsibility await virtual police officers in the Highway Patrol Expansion, as the opening of the highways leads to many new offenses within the fictional state of Franklin such as car thefts that are now a daily challenge which must be addressed. In fast-paced chases featuring spectacular PIT maneuvers, players prevent criminals from escaping with stolen goods. New equipment such as nail strips and roadblocks aid in these pursuits and prove especially useful in multiplayer mode. Additionally, players must regularly conduct freight inspections, assist with car breakdowns, and perform high-speed checks.