Lost Castle 2 Early Access Next Month

Hunter Studio announces Lost Castle 2 will be found on Early Access on Steam on July 25th, providing a first chance to play this Treasure-Hunting action/roguelike sequel. Here's a previous Teaser Trailer with a quick look at the game in action. The announcement explains the portion of the full game that will be part of Early Access:
At the Early Access launch, treasure hunters will be able to journey deep into five mysterious levels, including the Dark Forest, the Crystal Mountain, the Abandoned Village, the Castle Bridge, and the Black Castle.

Discover hundreds of treasures and items to improve your strength and enhance your abilities, with around 180 weapons and approx. 100 armour types with which to showcase your skills.

Head into battle against the castle’s armies of goblins and mythical creatures, and demonstrate your strength against 11 mighty bosses on your quest for powerful loot. Fight alone or with friends in 2-4 player online co-op, vanquishing foes, and earning rewards to become the best treasure hunter in the land.