Pax Dei Early Access

It's pax day for Pax Dei, as this sandbox MMORPG is now in Early Access for Windows on the official website and Steam. Developer Mainframe Industries thanks its community for its role in preparing the game for launch: "The development team is grateful to the Pax Dei community, who have been with the game from the beginning and their unwavering support and feedback. Their participation has helped shape Pax Dei into the experience it is today." Here's the Early Access Trailer and here's a recent post on the vision behind Pax Dei laying out a roadmap of where things go from here. Read on for more:
Welcome to a vast, social sandbox MMO inspired by the legends of the medieval era. Here, myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is unquestioned. In this immense, open-world playground, you choose the role you want to play. Immerse yourself along with thousands of other players as you explore the land, build your home, forge your reputation, and craft your own stories.