Fantasy Friends: Dream Worlds in October

Maximum Entertainment announces Fantasy Friends: Dream Worlds, a new Fantasy Friends game coming to PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Switch on October 22nd. The Announcement Trailer is here to put your A1C at risk with its cloying sweetness. Here's more:
Fantasy Friends: Dream Worlds follows Aurea as she journeys through fantastical dream worlds filled with magical creatures, each with its own powers to help players progress through the adventure. Explore six whimsical realms – Candy Garden, Bubble Bay, and more – and collect new outfits and accessories for Aurea and your pets.

At the end of a long day of adventuring, care for your beloved fantasy friends by feeding them, playing with them, and upgrading. Each pet will need specific care, and lots of cuddles. This third installment of the Fantasy Friends franchise emphasizes adventure and exploration, while retaining the magic recipe that has made the series such a success: cozy pet care!