Flame Keeper Released

Attention keepers of the flame! Having burned through the Early Access process, Flame Keeper is now officially available for Windows on GOG.com,* the Epic Games Store, and Steam. Version 1.0 of this fired-up roguelite from Kautki Cave and Untold Tales carries a 30% launch discount on GOG.com and Steam and it's also part of an Untold Tales Treasures Bundle on Steam which features 30 games for 93% off. In Flame Keeper you play as a lump of coal, and using your flame powers consumes some of your life. But it's better to burn out than to fade away, so rock and roll! The inflammatory release trailer is here with a look, and here's more:
Flame Keeper is a dynamic action rogue-lite where your life is your currency. As a special little piece of burning coal named Ignis, you need to restore the fire to the Eternal Flame. But in doing so, you drain your own life. Find the perfect balance between progress and staying alive as you battle through a world of darkness and monsters. Learn from your mistakes as you die trying and adapt your tactics, skills and abilities to progress.
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