El Dorado: The Golden City Builder Released

The road to El Dorado now leads to Steam, where El Dorado: The Golden City Builder is now available for Windows. This has a 15% launch discount, and it's also included in a dizzying array of two-game bundles outlined here. The Release Trailer takes a look at how this tasks you with taming the jungles of the Jukatan (aka Yucatán) to build the fabled city of gold. Here's an outline:
Take on the role of a leader even the Gods will bow to. Offers sacrifice to earn their favor, but tread carefully, don't lose yourself in pride. Forge the most powerful empire on the Yucatan peninsula. From a humble settlement, build a bustling city dripping with gold. Manage resources, build structures, and maintain the balance between prosperity and the divine.

As the Leader, the player will be responsible for every building built on your territory, such as sawmills, temples, housing, barracks, etc. Skillfully plan your city as every path may play a vital role in managing your city. Well-planned zones of your empire will have a special impact on the proper and quick development of your city. The fate of the citizens depends on you.