The Forever Winter

The Forever Winter is an upcoming co-op survival/horror shooter with an unusual premise in the works at Fun Dog Studios (thanks RedEye9 and Burrito of Peace). It's described as a looter-shooter, but at a lower level, as you scavenge the corpses littering the battlefield of a war between enormous forces well beyond your control. Here's a recent preview that includes the developer explaining this is "largely inspired by the opening scene in Terminator 2 and the future horror scenes in the first Terminator." The Official Gameplay Overview Trailer is narrated by not-Sarah Connor to show this in action. Here's more from the Steam Listing:
The battlefield is unpredictable thanks to The Forever Winter’s Dynamic Encounter system: enemies have their own goals and agendas, operating in coordinated groups, undertaking full-scale battles — and they’ll intelligently react to your actions. The battlefield you leave won’t be the same one you return to.

Use your wits, stealth, and skilled gunplay to make it out alive. Choose your path in the shadow of the two great superpowers, loot the dead, and make it out alive. While the warring factions may ignore you at first, the more disruptive you become to their goals, the more they'll seek to remove you from the equation.

Ecological collapse compounded by runaway technological advancement brought us here: a world choked by 40 years of industrial-scale violence between two military superpowers, unmerciful mass killing by AI automata, human-machine hybrids, and the bleak truth of human nature. There’s two sides to this war, and you’re not on either.